When it comes to delivering products we make sure that our clients get the best ROI by investing in our products. Our products are tailored to fit the client’s needs. Our expertise in IT has helped our clients in making the right decisions at the right time. Our team of expert technicians can create the best products while ensuring the highest quality. Some of our products are –

Contact Management System

A powerful Web application for managing your contacts. Contact can be viewed, added and deleted at ease with the help of user friendly interface. Contacts can be further prioritized as per their type and specified actions can also be set on them.
Helps in maintaining basic information as well as on demand advance settings. Read More >>

Job Scheduling Management System

The Job Scheduling Management System is designed to manage and schedule human resources and all other related services. Objective is to provide Quality of Service computational in scheduling jobs on web based platform. JSM is 100% web-based application which justifies a user can manage their business remotely either from a browser, desktop or mobile device. Read More >>

Training Management System

TMS (Training Management System) to fuel the growth in today’s ‘Shrinking’ world.
Works hand in hand with CMS to provide you the perfect tool to manage your training sessions, featuring advance options
Batch scheduling start to end with complete information of trainee, instructor and their progress.
Batch managing, updating and calculating the estimated hours and actual hours of training. Read More >>

Project Management System (PMS)

PMS is a web based application to manage day to day project activities. Some of the modules that this system includes are managing deliverables , Timesheets. This product includes various modules for PMs as well as for employees. The product also has a dashboard module built on the data that feeds thru the system that includes reports and scorecards to measure progress.

Data Management System

DMS is a Software Solution to help developing Enterprise Data Warehouses. This solution helps to solve following two main problems,

1. Different mappings required for same value set under different groups for different departments. For example grouping one Product under different Product Categories for sake of different departments.

2. Mapping of same entity coming from different data sources in different format as one entity. For example identifying different customer name coming from 3 different data sources as one customer. Read More >>

Home Assessment Web application

Web based system for assessment of home safety for senior citizens, In this System the senior citizen are provided with home safety facilities by conducting detailed assessments of the house or property they are living in. The system takes the client’s home structure information in detail. Depending on this information the proper actions are taken to provide safer and better living experience..Read More >>